Top 20 Online Free Web Proxy sites in 2018

Proxy sites are important to hide our identity online. They let us browse anonymously to maintain privacy, fake our location to unblock sites/apps/services which are blocked in our region. There are many other important benefits of using proxies while browsing internet.

You can enjoy offers/discounts/gifts which are available for people of only certain location by using proxy of that location. If you use fast proxy, it can provide you boost in internet connection and you can browse/download fast or watch videos in YouTube easily.

If you want to enjoy these benefits, you should use proxy server while browsing internet. The easiest way to use proxy is browse through proxy sites. But, there are hundreds of websites online among them, there are spam proxy sites, slow/dead proxies sites too which can do more harm than benefits because if you use such sites, they can infect your system with virus, steal your confidential details like Facebook/GMail/Twitter login details, credit card credentials, etc.

So, if you want to use proxy, it is highly recommended to use only those sites which are safe, secure, provides fast proxies and add new proxy IP address frequently to their proxy list.

1. Hidester

Hidester provides SSL proxy support that protects you from scripts and other malicious methods that could harm your computer. It has a reputation as the most reliable free web proxy in the market.

You can pick between a U.S. or Europe server before you begin browsing, as well as choose to encrypt the URL, allow or disallow cookies, accept or reject scripts, and strip away objects from loading.

While you’re using Hidester, you can even change the browser referrer, so it looks to the website as if you’re using a different operating system or web browser.

You can also clear the cookies that any websites store, and you can do this while you’re using the Hidester web proxy.

The service also offers a free temporary email address and a password generator you can use at Hidester.

2. is another web proxy you can use for free anonymous browsing.

Start by entering the URL you want to visit and then choose the proxy location from the drop-down box. Your options are Netherlands, Germany, and the U.S.

Just like with some of the other websites on this list, lets you disable or enable cookies, encryption, scripts, and objects.

3. Zend2

Zend2 works much like the other anonymous proxies with the exception that you can use it with YouTube and Facebook. Some free proxies don’t support those websites.

It means you can watch YouTube videos behind a proxy without worrying about incurring charges or having to pay for a premium proxy service.

Disabling or enabling any of the following is supported as well: encrypted URLs, encrypted pages, scripts, cookies, and objects. These options are only applicable before you start using the web proxy, unlike some anonymous proxies above let you customize the options even while you’re using the proxy.

4. Anonymouse

Anonymouse has been around for many years, supporting web, email, and Usenet (news) proxies. The website has been translated for use in both English and German.

Though it is free to use, you have the option to purchase a low-cost subscription for faster proxy servers and additional services such as ad-free surfing, larger file downloads, and the ability to access HTTPS websites.


The website is a web proxy that you can use with any website including YouTube. You can pick between various proxy servers in the U.S. and Europe.

At the top of the text box where you enter the URL to use with the proxy, are various buttons to quickly jump right into those websites within the proxy, like Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, Imgur, and Twitter.

You can control whether to use cookies, scripts, and objects and even block ads in the proxy. You can also change the server you’re on at any point in time while using the proxy, which is ideal if you are banned from the website you’re currently using.


What makes KPROXY unique is that while using the web proxy, you can hide the menu that shows at the top of the screen. Most anonymous web proxies stick the menu there without an option to hide it, and it can make it difficult to browse effectively.

Another benefit to KPROXY is that you can switch between 10 different servers if you find that your IP address has been blocked while using one of them. Just switch to another to get instant access again.

Something else you’ll find with KPROXY but not with any of the other anonymous proxies on this list is a small app you can install to anonymize all your web traffic within the Chrome or Firefox browser. There are two separate apps that each work with their respective browser.

The KPROXY app is similar to a VPN, but it only works when browsing the internet within the boundaries of Chrome or Firefox, depending on which program you have installed. It’s just a proxy that’s applied to all the web pages requested through the browser.

7. Megaproxy

Megaproxy has a few unique options that make it a little different from some of the other anonymous web proxies.

You have the freedom to disable or enable OS and browser user agent identification plus the option to remove ads from web pages, limit animations to two iterations, and block all cookies.

Because Megaproxy is free, you cannot use it to submit information to forms or log in remotely to websites, nor can you download files larger than 200 kilobytes, block JavaScript, delete embedded Flash files, access HTTPS sites, stream media files, or view more than 60 pages in five hours.


The primary difference you’ll find if you use as an anonymous proxy website is that you can have the proxy server chosen for you or you can manually pick between seven locations.

The locations you pick from with are Paris, France; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Moscow, Russia; Saint-Petersburg, Russia; Stockholm, Sweden; London, U.K.; and Los Angeles, U.S.

Unfortunately, you cannot remove the huge ad at the top of the browser that asks you to purchase the VPN service. It often gets in the way

9. VPNBook

VPNBook provides a free anonymous web proxy that seems cleaner and less cluttered than some of the others.

This proxy website supports HTTPS sites and uses 256-bit encryption to hide your traffic. You can pick to use a proxy server in the U.S., U.K., or Canada.

It’s easy to change the website you want to browse for from within the VPNBook proxy by typing it in at the top of the page.

You do not, however, have control over using or disallowing cookies or blocking scripts like some other proxies support.

10. Hide My Ass

A free web proxy for ad-hoc private browsing from three remote locations

Hide My Ass offers a free web proxy service that’s very handy when you want to browse privately, but don’t have time or permission to download additional software or browser extensions. There are limitations – the premium software offers faster speeds, more secure encryption, and active malware protection – but for a quick bit of browsing, it’s a good option.

Hide My Ass’s free proxy masks your identity and IP address, connecting via servers in the USA, UK, or Netherlands (other options are visible in the drop-down menu, but are only accessible in the premium edition). The free service also places a large banner at the top of each web page, but it’s an advertisement for Hide My Ass’s own products – your data isn’t forwarded to third-party advertisers. It also supports HTTPS connections.

Hide My Ass’s web proxy service collects log files, which include your IP address, the URLs you visit, which pages and files you viewed, and when. It stores this data for 30 days – a policy that pushed it into second place.

11. Privoxy

Turn a home PC into a remote proxy server to anonymize your internet use

Privoxy might not have a flashy graphical interface, but it’s not too tricky to set up. The main difference between this and the other free software here is that you’ll need your own PC to act as a proxy server when you’re elsewhere (so you can access the internet from a public Wi-Fi network as though you were using it from home).

Our friends at Lifehacker have put together a handy guide to securing and anonymizing your internet connection using Privoxy together with LogMeIn Hamachi. Once set up, this duo will protect all incoming and outgoing data – not just that accessed via your browser – making it a feasible option for streaming or gaming. The drawbacks is that you’ll need to leave a PC on at home, and a sluggish home connection will leave you frustrated.

Like other free web proxies, Hamachi logs your IP address, the sites you visit, the pages and files you view, and when you view them. It may also use tracking cookies to collect anonymous information about you.

12. FilterBypass

Handy for unblocking videos, but not suitable for shopping or banking

FilterBypass is a web proxy service with extra security features available at the click of a mouse, including URL encryption, page encryption, and the ability to disable scripts and cookies – features that are often limited to premium proxies.

FilterBypass supports YouTube and Dailymotion, making it easy to access videos that are blocked in your country. It supports HTTPS. but online stores and banking services are blocked (a way for the company to protect its back in case your data is somehow intercepted).

There’s no mention on the site of where the proxy servers are located, but in our tests, data was routed via Germany.

FilterBypass logs your activity using its services, and – like all free web proxies – will release this information if it’s necessary for a criminal investigation, but it only keeps these logs for a week.


Proxify gives you a chance to open any blocked website and give the administration to their clients to surf web safely and secretly. You can open any blocked site, you need and it won’t let recognize and track you in light of the fact that Proxify encode your association and conceal your IP address naturally and don’t let checking your system activity.


XRoxy gives you an enormous list of web intermediaries, open intermediaries and other nation proxies which you can utilize and open blocked destinations.

It has a lot of proxy database which redesigned naturally and gives you best meeting expectations proxies it is possible that you can use device on Xroxy simply put the URL of any blocked site and it will open you that site.


BlewPass gives you a chance to get to every blocked site like Facebook, YouTube, the pirate bay, and all the more in your school, school or whatever other working environment.

It will give you a chance to secretly to the objective destinations and you can undoubtedly get to blocked locales safely and secretly. dependably stay cutting-edge and it additionally underpins HTML5 so you can on your mobile phones moreover.


Dont filter is another best online proxy website or online security instrument where you need to simply put any blocked web page URL which is hindered by your school & school overseer. You can surf on through this proxy web page namelessly and secretly.


AnonyMouse is a quick, simple and free online proxy website and you can surf here secretly and namelessly in light of the fact that at whatever point you visit any they will spare all your data like IP address in log records so they get your everything data except anonymous lets your data conceal and keep safe so you can surf secretly blocked sites.

18. TOR

Coolbits is a free web proxy offering uncensored Internet access. By utilizing their proxy, you control your IP location, transferring your information through different systems.

This will help you scan the Internet secretly and sidestep online restriction with no extraordinary programming to install. Everything you need is a program. Surf the World Wide Web without limitations.

19. Anonymizerhas

Anonymizerhas an all inclusive programming that keeps your online exercises protected, private, and secure. With Anonymizer’s own VPN administration, you can interface with boundless transfer speed & velocity access WiFi hotspots safely, surf locales discretely and secretly, ensure against data fraud view online substance without restriction veil your genuine IP address & area, dissimilar to other VPN suppliers, they accept that what you do online is your business, so you can assume that Anonymizer will never view, track, or keep logs of the sites you visit.

20. is a top proxy webpage intended to sidestep any sort of web oversight and limitations that are set on your web association.

Clients can use their proxy to get entrance to any site you like, furthermore to search secretly without anyone discovering your area and data. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, whatever site, simply specify it and they can unblock it.


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